Bentonville, Arkansas, Sept. 9, 2308 – Unique cultural artifacts recently unearthed on show to the public for the first time!  Prior to the invention of atomic reassignment, the people of the early 21st Century were literally drowning in waste materials.  These domestic objects, including numerous primitive “plates” and “vessels,” along with wearable objects, demonstrate the desperate attempts of people of that time to “recycle.”  Made predominately of hundreds of layers of “paper,” each object literally contains the history of the time written on each layer.

By presenting the collection of these ancient artifacts in their entirety, current citizen-consumers will gain perspective of how much better life is because of the TransWorld Corporation.  Imagine what life must have been like in this ancient culture where people were forced to use “garbage” to make everyday objects.  Rather than be buried by their exponentially increasing waste, the ancient people attempted to “recycle” that waste into usable objects.

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Newest Exhibit:  James Thurman, Ancient 21st Century Art-i-facts

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